Friday, May 02, 2008

Dodgers are Rolling

Winners of six straight, the Dodgers are back in the playoff hunt. I know, I know, it's May 2. But that didn't stop me from looking at the Wild Card race where the Dodgers are currently two games behind. Better yet, the Dodgers offense is starting to click despite getting no production from that pudgy guy who plays center field. They even scored 10 runs in an inning last week and had another game with 13 runs. Rafael Furcal is having one of the best starts in Dodger history, hitting .371 and getting on base at a .459 clip. The Dodger pitchers, even Chad Billingsley who had a tough start, are getting it done. The only thing preventing the Dodgers from catapulting to the top of the NL West is the consistency and dominance of the D'Backs. They've put together an offense combined with a stellar pitching staff. The Dodgers might need to win 25 straight to catch up with Arizona who holds a five game lead in the division.


On Lamar Odom's website,
he tells a story about a Laker team dinner at a nice steakhouse recently.

When the check came, Kobe Bryant reached out his hand for it. "As soon as he picked up the bill," says Odom, "we all started chanting 'MVP MVP MVP!'"

"I thought that was pretty funny."

Andruw Watch:

Here's a scout's take on your main tubby Dodger.

"Scott Boras ought to be arrested -- for stealing. The way Andruw's playing right now, he [should be] a defensive replacement and right-handed bat off the bench.

take two -- "I don't think you could even call him a bat off the bench, because there's no bat there. You think there's one pitcher in his right mind who doesn't want to face that guy right now?"

(From Jayson Stark's Rumblings)

Early entry:

The official NBA draft early entry list.
Did you put your name in? Because Kamy’ta Terrell Davis did.

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