Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calming down in the desert

Arizona actually looks kind of good for a change. The Wildcats were No. 25 in the preseason rankings on CBS Sportsline, and just received a commitment from 2009 center/power forward Greg Smith, a real big man.

He's already 6-foot-8 and 220 pounds, and look at those actual muscles in the picture, but why is it no surprise that he has academic issues. Despite being a four star recruit and supposedly being recruited by big name programs, it came down to Fresno State and Arizona. Not exactly competing with UCLA or Duke, but anytime a bulky high school kid comes to Arizona, it's a good thing. It's too bad he still doesn't have a big man coach to develop him.

With Chase Budinger's shocking announcement that he is returning to school, and the optimism that Brandon Jennings doesn't go play in Europe (hope he passed that third standardized test),
Arizona's lineup could look like this:

PG: Jennings
SG: Nic Wise
SF: Budinger
PF: Jordan Hill
C: Jeff Withey

Fendi Onobun
Zane Johnson
Jamelle Horne
Alex Jacobsen
Brandon Lavender
Kyle Fogg

It's obvious that depth will once again be a huge problem.
Jacobsen is nowhere near ready to play in a Pac-10 game, Lavender and Fogg are more mid-major players than power conference guys, and Johnson looked out of place a lot last season. Which leaves just Horne, who should develop into a top notch defender and good rebounder at least, and Onobun, who's solid when he has his confidence and is out of Olson's doghouse.
That's slim pickings if anyone gets hurt, especially along the front line. Once again, Arizona's is going to have to go small a lot.

It figures that one of the Dodgers in this embarrassing situation was the Dodgers first round pick.

I like the message of the 50 million pound challenge. However, for every one involved with losing the 50 million, I'll bet there's more people out there gaining it right back, plus another 50 million.
America is fat as fuck. Just look at Bartolo Colon.

Name Change

Pacman to Adam, from Thug to Jew.

I do actually have a full time job: Check out my story on Olympian Mike Day.

Look out
for my annual Mock Draft, coming soon.

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