Saturday, July 05, 2008

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme

I just watched the final scene of Cool Runnings and immediately added it to my favorite movies on Facebook. I'm not sure why it wasn't on there already. I've seen Cool Runnings a good 50 times. I love that movie and especially that scene, when the Jamaican bobsled team races down the track crashes, and then gets up and carries its sled across the finish line as someone starts the slow clap and the crowd cheers.

I know it's corny but I watched that movie for the first time when I was like 8-years old. It was one of the first movies I ever saw in the United States -- that and Sleepless in Seattle, which I don't feel as honored about.

Cool Runnings is what sports is all about. It's about rooting for the underdog and not giving up. It's about equality and about ignoring distractions. It's about bringing people together for a common cause.

When people talk about that movie they always talk about the funny moments. "Sanka, you dead? Ya, mon."
But the tear-jerker at the end is what makes it great.

Why am even writing this, aside from the fact that I'm actually not at work for the first time in about two weeks?

Because I saw the Colorado Rockies continuously come back from as much as nine runs down and eventually beat the Marlins 18-17.

Because yesterday was July 4th, and overcoming adversity is what this country is all about.

Because I feel really bad for Seattle Sonics fans.

Because the Dodgers need to come together, the only way they will break this curse of mediocrity.

Because Gilbert Arenas gave up $16 million to make his team better.

Because a 41-year old woman made the Olympic swim team.

Because a 16-year old has a good chance to make the Olympic track team.

Because as I write this, Danny and the Miracles are beating Oklahoma in the 1988 National Championship game.

And because I enjoy seeing those My Wish stories on SportsCenter a lot more than I like hearing about Roger Clemens.

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