Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Roll up Corie Blount

When people get in trouble with the law, it's either shocking or you just knew it was going to happen all along. When Corie Blount entered the NBA, I knew this day would come.

Granted Blount is no Nate Newton, but 11 pounds of weed is a nice chunk. With a last name like Blount and that expression on his face, this was inevitable. I had the following conversation with Buller after it happened.

Baller 11 15 21
(4:31:54 PM):
you see corie blunt just got caught for large amounts of marijuana lol
romoballa (4:32:17 PM): ya...lol i could see it coming when he was drafted
Baller 11 15 21 (4:32:31 PM): heard that
Baller 11 15 21 (4:32:40 PM): and he just finished majoring in criminal justice lol
Baller 11 15 21 (4:32:43 PM): the irony just never ends
romoballa (4:33:06 PM): so he can now defend himself

Michael Vick needs a leash:

This blog about Michael Mick brings up a good point. Vick has shown little remorse for his actions, and continues to blow large amounts of money while trying to protect himself from his creditors. According to a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he spent $3.6 million dollars in the three months before he went to jail, including the purchase of a $99,000 Mercedes. Some people never learn. Of course this story got me thinking about Vick's future and motivated me to write this response to the blog.

I'm a life long Cowboys fan and I know the Cowboys are one of the most likely teams to sign Vick when he comes back, but if they do, I'm done. Let's not forget that Vick's crimes weren't solely for dog fighting but also the vicious way he killed defenseless and innocent animals. This blog is right in that Vick has shown no real remorse for his crimes, and some of Vick's NFL peers (like Clinton Portis) have gone on record saying Vick's actions weren't that serious. I'd love to see Vick come back and redeem himself by changing his attitude toward this subject and toward life in general, but I highly doubt that will happen.

How does this make any sense?

Matt Jones was suspended three games for possession of cocaine, but six NFL players including Pat and Kevin Williams of the Vikings are being suspended four games for using a weight loss supplement.

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