Friday, March 20, 2009

Breaking down the Cats with Duff

DoofyUofA (3:50:27 AM): still bloggin?
romoballa (3:50:58 AM): no, haven't kept up with it, between work, partying, and laziness, kind of stopped, but i'll pick it back up eventually
DoofyUofA (3:51:42 AM): if we play like we played against zag and kansas and when we were on the streak
DoofyUofA (3:51:50 AM): i think we can go to the final four....
romoballa (3:51:55 AM): big if, if chase stops being a pussy
romoballa (3:51:57 AM): wow
DoofyUofA (3:51:58 AM): ya
romoballa (3:52:04 AM): i was just talkin bout beating utah
romoballa (3:52:09 AM): i have wake in the final four
DoofyUofA (3:52:10 AM): i think we have an easy road
DoofyUofA (3:52:17 AM): we beat louisville last year
DoofyUofA (3:52:22 AM): i think wake will be the tought game
DoofyUofA (3:52:33 AM): we have two lottery picks on our team...(if chase isnt a pussy)
romoballa (3:52:45 AM): did u see chase against asu in the pac 10 tourney
romoballa (3:52:52 AM): that was the worst game i've ever seen anyone play
DoofyUofA (3:52:59 AM): and arguable three of the top 5 or 10 players at their positions in the tourney
romoballa (3:53:01 AM): that includes big softie's aau team
DoofyUofA (3:53:07 AM): id say jordan is a top 5 big man in the tourney
DoofyUofA (3:53:28 AM): chase is at least top 10 sf/sg
romoballa (3:53:29 AM): i agree, but we only have 3 guys and one of those guys looks like a big vagina
DoofyUofA (3:53:37 AM): lol
DoofyUofA (3:53:44 AM): cinderella coach
DoofyUofA (3:53:51 AM): underseeded
romoballa (3:53:56 AM): join the other 15 cinderalla coachs
DoofyUofA (3:53:56 AM): chip on the shoulder
DoofyUofA (3:54:00 AM): barely got in
DoofyUofA (3:54:04 AM): its got the makings
romoballa (3:54:39 AM): u know what the biggest thing about our us in huddles, no one is encouraging each other, no one has cool handshakes
DoofyUofA (3:54:46 AM): that is true
romoballa (3:54:48 AM): the camaraderie isn't there
romoballa (3:55:00 AM): there's a lack of leadership
romoballa (3:55:19 AM): and chase is a pussy, he played himself out of the 1st round
romoballa (3:55:27 AM): here's a kid who was top 5 coming out of high school
romoballa (3:55:33 AM): now might drop to the 2nd round
DoofyUofA (3:55:35 AM): he looked fucking awful in that asu game didnt he
romoballa (3:55:45 AM): ya, don't show ur kids
DoofyUofA (3:55:49 AM): woody and wesley said it best...white men cant jump
romoballa (3:55:59 AM): except that he can, he just refuses to
DoofyUofA (3:56:02 AM): lol
DoofyUofA (3:56:13 AM): you think we have any chance of making it 26 next year?
romoballa (3:56:17 AM): 0
romoballa (3:56:25 AM): unless, our big 3 come back
DoofyUofA (3:56:30 AM): how about a nucleus of zane johnson kyle fogg and jamelle horn leading ur u a wildcats
romoballa (3:56:31 AM): which would be a miracle
romoballa (3:56:35 AM): lol
DoofyUofA (3:56:46 AM): i actually like fogg though
romoballa (3:56:46 AM): ladies and gentleman, ur 2009-10 arizona basketball team
romoballa (3:56:49 AM): me too
DoofyUofA (3:56:55 AM): even though he plays defense like a jack ass some times
romoballa (3:56:56 AM): he's my favorite wildcat
romoballa (3:57:03 AM): ya, but he plays hard
romoballa (3:57:24 AM): i actually like zane johnson too, he's not afraid to fire
DoofyUofA (3:57:27 AM): pennell better have the coaching run of his life
DoofyUofA (3:57:34 AM): cause hes been out coached quite a bit this year
romoballa (3:57:46 AM): pennell has done a great job, but he's clueless sometimes
romoballa (3:57:58 AM): he made 0 adjustments against ASU, and we fell apart in the 2nd half
DoofyUofA (3:58:09 AM): and then theres lute on the sid lines...touching his face all the time and shit
romoballa (3:58:25 AM): lute has completely lost it
romoballa (3:58:55 AM): he feels like an anvil just dropped on his had
romoballa (3:58:56 AM): head
romoballa (3:59:04 AM): and he's seeing stars
DoofyUofA (3:59:15 AM): i was waiting for some joe dimaggio type speech at that game where he was honored
DoofyUofA (3:59:18 AM): and it was like
DoofyUofA (3:59:20 AM): thanks
DoofyUofA (3:59:21 AM): im out
DoofyUofA (3:59:40 AM): id like to thank god my momma and biggie smalls
DoofyUofA (3:59:42 AM): peace

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Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to be real......
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