Friday, February 09, 2007

Why did Brian Cook throw his warmups at Phil?

1. He wanted to prove that he's not one dimensional. He can pass too.

2. He was upset because Phil said at least John Amaechi plays both ways.

3. He was auditioning for Cooks gone wild with the shirt toss.

4. He's jealous that Phil spends more time with Andrew Bynum.

5. Phil didn't pass the blunt at their "practice session."

6. He tried to tell Phil that his warmups didn't smell bad.

7. No one has tried to attack his coach since Latrell Spreewell.

8. Phil made like Shavlik Randolph and said "Don't bring your gayness on me" and Cook responded with a Lebron-like "I'm trustworthy" as he threw the warmups in frustration

Believe it or not, someone made a Brian Cook mix

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