Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random thoughts and ramblings

  • Today I realized I’m part of two of the most hated professions: I’m a member of the media and a part time referee. I think the next step is to become the President of the United States, or a coach/manager in Philadelphia.

  • I heard that Javaris Crittenton may be ahead of Jordan Farmar on the depth chart next year, and if the Lakers sign a veteran pg, Farmar would fall down to third.

  • My reaction, if statement is true: That’s preposterous. Let’s take a guy who played well in the playoffs and knows the triangle offense as good as anyone, plus plays with passion, and let’s replace him with a guy who had a good summer league game.

  • On top of that, Phil already has trouble playing rookies, so I don’t think Crittenton will see too much time on the floor.

  • Just for the hell of it: Toby Bailey played 31 minutes for the Warriors: 14 points and six rebounds

  • Greg Oden is NOT a bust. But his lack of offensive skills are becoming apparent.

  • Kevin Durant is NOT a bust. But his poor shot selection and tendency to hang around the perimeter are becoming apparent.
  • And the award for coolest name goes to:
5. LeBryan Nash 6’7’’ 210 Dallas Lincoln HS (Cedar Hill, TX)

Nash didn’t dominate the camp, but no one really expected an 8th grader to work wonders against players three years older. That’s right, Nash, a 6’7’’ small forward with good athleticism and a solid build, is not slated to graduate high school until 2011. Because he can physically dominate games against players his age, Nash’s skills are not very well developed, but he certainly has a ton of potential and is worth keeping an eye on.


A combination of Kobe, Lebron, and Steve Nash. Brilliant!

  • Placido Polanco has the biggest and most strange looking head I have ever seen

  • What does it say about the state of second baseman in the AL when Placido Polanco is the starting second baseman

  • I like the All Star Game format, it adds a little bit of spice. It’d be nice to see the NL win one though, especially if LA wants to host the first game of the World Series

  • Trying to make himself be a feel good story: Barry Bonds

  • Actual feel good story: Cancer survivor and Lakers guard Coby Karl

And finally: If Mark Stein is right and Derek Fisher returns to the Lakers, some of the ridiculousness and incompetence of the Laker offseason will be forgotten. And I will buy the Derek Fisher jersey I’ve wanted but couldn’t buy until D Fish retired.

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