Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How can you like this guy?

I don't think that anyone is inherently a bad person. Recently that theory has been tested. Pac-Man Jones, Tim Donaghy, Lindsey Lohan, all come to mind.

For the most part, those people have self destructed. Pac-Man put himself in a bad situation, and as a result people around him were severely hurt. Tim Donaghy had a gambling problem and got involved with the mob, but apparently in this country gambling can be deemed a disease. Lindsey Lohan...well she's just an idiot.

But Michael Vick needs his own category. Yes, there's a small chance that he will be innocent. I was present at Hassan Adams DUI trial where he was acquitted. Let me assure you from the evidence that was presented, he was not "innocent."

Even if Vick is acquitted as well, the accusations against him, the drowning, hanging, electrocuting, and further torture and killing of dogs will not go away. And they shouldn't. Being involved in any of those actions makes me want to change my initial thinking.
Michael Vick is simply not a good person.

This from former Green Bay safety LeRoy Butler, in an interview with Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel puts it best:

"My 7-year-old [Danielle] loves animals. We were out shopping for a dog. We were in the car, and I can't listen to sports radio anymore because she heard how they drowned and electrocuted some animals. I looked back there at a red light and she had tears in her eyes. She said, 'I don't understand why somebody would drown a dog.' Now I had to explain it as a parent. I said that sometimes people do stuff that is so terrible that you've got to offset that guy by doing something good. She just kept wiping her tears. She was really bothered by it. It's a stupid thing to do, obviously. But these guys get so arrogant, they don't think about it. You got $30 million, $40 million in the bank, they're on top of the world, no remorse and no one can stop them.''

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