Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why I hate Barry Bonds

In light of my recent interview with National Public Radio from the right field bleachers in Dodger Stadium (to listen click here and then on the first link titled "Dodger Fans Weigh In on Barry Bonds") I'd like to outline some of the reasons why Barry Bonds does indeed represent "everything that's wrong with baseball, America, and the world."

1. Bonds is a cheater. Granted a lot of other baseball players used steroids and HGH but a lot of people in the 80s used cocaine and that didn't make it OK.
2. He pretended he didn't know that the cream or the clear were steroids. Riiiight. And I didn't realize there was any alcohol in that vodka.
3. He's an arrogant jerk. At a picnic for the Giants' families, Bonds asked the son of one player who his favorite player was. "My dad he responded."
"Why your dad," Bonds asked. "He doesn't even play."
4. He hasn't been found guilty in the court of law but neither was OJ. Sometimes the court of law doesn't tell the truth. Sometimes good lawyers or the terminology of the law make justice difficult if not downright impossible.
5. Because according to Game of Shadows "
On most mornings in Scottsdale, before leaving to work out, Bonds would grab his "man bag,"which was full of what seemed to be medications, and summon (Greg) Anderson. "I've got to go talk to him for a minute," Bonds would say, and then the two men would go into the master bedroom and close the door."
6. Anderson, Bonds trainer and "friend" sits in jail because Bonds won't relieve him by telling the truth.
7. Bonds isn't just a cheater on the field, he's a cheater off the field.
Game of Shadows: "He put his hand around (mistress [Kim Bell's] throat, pressed her against the wall, and whispered, "If you ever f-----' pull some s--- like that again I'll kill you, do you understand me?"

Later, Bonds told her: "You have to do something for me. You need to disappear."

"What do you mean?" Bell said. "For how long?"

"Did I f----- stutter?" Bonds replied.
8. The notion that people should cheer Bonds for breaking the record is ridiculous. Why should people cheer for the holder of the most cherished record in sports to be a tainted, ungrateful person.
9. Lastly, Bonds is a Giant and an ASU Sun Devil, so if the other reasons aren't enough to realize he's a bad person, that seals the deal.

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