Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who's the Worst GM in LA?


The term is harsh when describing a person's job performance. Except in the case of Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti. Then it might be an understatement.
From the Shammond Williams signing to throwing cash at injured pitchers, it's safe to say that Tiiimmmy or Jiiimmmmy could do a better job. But who's worse, the guy who no one respects or the guy who signs so many former Giants, people within the organization are afraid to tell him he's no longer the Giants GM.
Let's go to the Tale of the Tape

Worst Signing:
Colletti: Jason Schmidt 3 years $47 million, stats: 6 games, 1-4, 6.31 ERA, out for the season
Kupchak: Vladimir Radmanovic 5 years, $30 million, stats: 55 games, 6.6 games, 3.3 rebounds, one shoulder injury while snowboarding
Verdict: While signing an aging starter who by all indications, including his stats and loss of velocity, was destined to be a bum was bad, the signing of the "Space Cadet" a gunner with a shoulder problem who doesn't play any defense is considerably worse.

Honorable mention, Coletti: Roberto Hernandez, Mark Hendrickson, and Brett Tomko
Honorable mention, Kupchak: Shammond Williams, Smush Parker

Worst trade:
Colletti: Trading for Wilson Betemit
Kupchak: Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins for Kwame Brown
Verdict: Since I couldn't off the top of my head think of Colletti's worst trade and Kupchak's came rushing to my mind faster than a brain freeze, the win goes to Kupchak. Plus, no matter how many times Betemit struck out with runner in scoring position and no matter that he hovered around the Mendoza line for most of the season, nothing beats having the small hands of Kwame Brown to catch entry passes.

Dumbest move:
Colletti: Continuously signing one former Giant after another, Mark Sweeney, the aforementioned Schmidt, the awful Tomko. Who's next Barry Bonds?
Kupchak: Not giving Kobe help
Verdict: Jason and Kobe Bryant. The best point guard in the league and the best shooting guard in the league. That would have been nice. Naw, let's hold on to a 19 year old project who can't run the floor and looks like he's on the verge of crying every five minutes. O ya, and Kobe talks shit about him on someone's camera phone.

Claim to fame:
Colletti: According to Wikipedia, he authored a book in 1983 detailing the Purdue-Notre Dame rivalry, called Golden Glory; also signing baseball's version of John Daly.
Kupchak: Presided over the fall of a dynasty, was used as a puppet by the son of the drunk, womanizer we call our owner, and was born in a city called Hicksville.
Verdict: Was Kupchak in the back of that car in San Diego when Jerry Buss was pulled over? Is Colletti trying to win this thing with the Wells signing? No matter what Colletti does to make sure the Dodgers pitching continues to get worse and the hitting remains listless, Kupchak will always be there to hesitate on a good trade and not listen to his superstar or common sense.

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