Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't let this man be Arizona's future coach

I would start but mercifully the worst coaching era in Arizona history appears to have just one more game left.

O'Neill was brought in to instill toughness in a program that was consistently dubbed soft. How's a 50-27 rebounding disparity? Does that not exemplify a soft team? I know, I know, Stanford had two 7-footers. But how about the long rebounds? How about the fact that 6-foot-5 Fred Washington had eight rebounds? How about six-foot guard Mitch Johnson pulling down 10 rebounds? How about Lawrence Hill getting eight rebounds off the bench?

How about doing a little boxing out? How about chasing down the loose balls? How about showing some grit? Where was the David vs. Goliath mentality when it comes to rebounding?

What was Kevin O'Neill talking about during all those timeouts he wasted early in the game, once again running out with more than five minutes left to play?

Where was the game plan? The adjustments?

Stanford's weakness is its guards. So the Wildcats went to a soft man to man?

Where was the pressure on the ball? Why didn't they press full court, or at least a three-quarter trap? Make the Lopez twins make decisions with the ball. Exploit their weaknesses.

Instead, Stanford turned the ball over just seven times. Arizona's athleticism was never a factor.

Why didn't O'Neill take advantage of Arizona's strengths? Why didn't the Wildcats get easy baskets in transition where the Lopez twins would be less of a factor. Why didn't the Wildcats try to speed the game up?

So many questions, and so little answers. The wait until Selection Sunday has never been this nerve racking.

There's only one thing that is certain:

JamMasterJ86 (11:09:21 AM): i just want KO to not be the next coach

Kevin O'Neill was bad at Northwestern, bad at Tennessee and horrible with the Toronto Raptors. He's not a good coach and should not be the coach at Arizona. Jim Livengood, are you listening?

Steve Lavin's wife is really, really hot. I now have such a different appreciation for one of the worst coaches in UCLA history. I wonder if Kevin O'Neill's wife is hot. That's the only thing that could save his reputation.

It was just Wednesday when Arizona beat Oregon State. But that win was a given because Oregon State is like the Washington Generals.


How in the world is this surgery minor?

If this is true, Tommy Bowden is a scumbag: Ray Ray McElrathbey was kicked off the team despite having two years of eligibility left because Clemson went over on the amount of scholarships they can have, thanks to their big recruiting class this year.
If you remember, Ray Ray was a national story for taking care of his brother in the absence of their mom, who was a crack addict, and their dad, who was a gambling addict.

Now, he doesn't even have a scholarship and Bowden has no comment.

The Ronny Show:

I went to my third Laker game of the season on Tuesday, a single season record for me. I rocked my Ronny Turiaf jersey proudly, as people stared at what I'm sure they perceived to be counterfeit.

Shouldn't that be a 4 after the 2? Why does it say Turiaf and not Bryant?

Those were the questions people thought coming into the game. But after the game and Ronny put up nine points, four rebounds, three assists, and his usual hustle and energy in 14 minutes, one fan walked by me and actually said, "Dude, I'm getting a Ronny Turiaf jersey."

As always, an updated Lakers +/- (through 64 games) Lakers: 45-19 1st in West

Fisher +292
Kobe +525
Turiaf +81
Odom +370
Gasol +226
Mihm -16
Walton +192
Bynum +236
Farmar +207
Radmanovic +242
Brown -44
Vujacic +110
Crittenton -40
Karl +7
Ariza +5
Mbenga +3

Up next: at New Orleans Friday 5:00 p.m. PST KCAL

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