Monday, March 10, 2008

Olson will be back next year

Lute Olson is expected to announce his intentions to be the head coach at Arizona again, next season.

I had been hearing for a while that Lute would not be coming back, but apparently something triggered a decision to come back to the sidelines at McKale.
As a person who has a lot of respect for Lute and one who doesn't think too highly of Kevin O'Neill's coaching record, I think it's great for the program to have Lute back.
He's a coaching legend and deserves to retire on his own terms, with a year long farewell tour to boot, whenever he decides to hang it up.

"I am very eager to be back doing what I love, which is coaching this team," Olson said in a statement. "I appreciate everyone's support during this period and want to thank Kevin O'Neill for the great job he's done in my absence."

Olson also said that his absence was caused "by a medical condition that was not life-threatening, but serious enough to require time away from my coaching responsibilities.”

Previously, Olson had said that his personal leave was not for health reasons.

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