Monday, September 29, 2008

Locke-re-d Out

Washington quarterback Jake Locker will not play against Arizona this Saturday and is out up to 8 weeks. He was injured while making a block.
One the one hand you want your quarterback to block because it shows toughness. On the other hand, this is what can happen.
So now, Washington's best player is out against Arizona which can only mean one thing: Trap Game.
But considering that the Wildcats will be the favorite, especially at home, you may be asking yourself, when's the last time Arizona started the season 4-1?
Well, I brought out and dusted off my handy 2005 Arizona Football media guide to give you the answer.
Drum roll please...
2000, under Dick Tomey.

Arizona actually started that season 5-1, before losing its next five games and finishing the year 5-6.

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