Wednesday, October 01, 2008

High Times

Three of the highest athletes in our history made headlines this week. Not surprisingly, two of them had drug related issues. We'll start however with one player, who's a failed drug test away from being banned from the NBA.

And the honor goes to...

Lamar Odom

The Lakers forward has been rumored to be relegated to a sixth man role. So here's what he had to say about the situation.

"He must have woke up and bumped his head. He probably hit his head on something -- boom," Odom said of Jackson. "To start off like that, you've got to be out of your . . . mind."

While he was rolling papers and texting Smush Parker to ask for another baggie, Odom went on to say...

"Everybody knows on my team I'll do whatever for the team," Odom said. "If you want me to be the mascot, whatever you want me to be. I'll be the doormat, the rug, whatever you want me to be."

Or in other words, I'll sit on the bench all game if you let me smoke the ganja.

Next up is...

Ricky Williams

The Dolphins running back is having a tough time right now. I mean it was his bye week and he had nothing to do. Ricky says it's hard to stay off the pot. Give the man a break.

"He said he successfully combated the latest urge to smoke by meditating instead, which gives him the same 'feeling of being free' as marijuana, according to the Miami Herald.

Don't fret pot fans, Ricky isn't giving up just yet.

"I'd be lying if I said I'm never going to do it again after I'm done," he said.

"I don't know. I don't spend much time thinking about it," he added as he licked his lips and stared at the green plants near the Dolphins practice facility.

"Oh, the possibilities," he thought.

And last but certainly not least is...

Darius Miles

The Celtics forward was so out of it he didn't even know why he failed his drug test.

"I wish I knew. I really do wish I knew, but [Celtics president] Danny Ainge told me 'leave it alone,' so I left it alone," Miles said.

Ainge was actually telling D-Miles to leave (the bong) alone, but your boy was too busy taking another load.

By the way, Miles isn't appealing his 10-game suspension. Hmmm... That's a lot of free time. Maybe he should get together with Ricky and Lamar.

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Peepseo said...

Shouldn't their agents just spring for a daily regimen? 10% of whatever they may lose would certainly get them a nice bulk rate...