Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Stairs to stupidity

This, ladies and gentleman is the man who beat the Dodgers in game 4.

I present to you the quote of Matt Stairs, after his two run home run gave the Phillies a 7-5 lead.

“When you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you’re getting your ass hammered by guys — there’s no better feeling than to have that done.”

Thanks for the thought Matt.
Now onto more inappropriateness.

Big Cajones

The blog rumor mill says that Kellen Winslow's undisclosed illness is actually a case of the big balls. Usually, that's something a soldier like Winslow would be proud of, but in this case its a disease called hydroceles, which usually occurs on males either 1-2 years old or 40.
Pro Football Talk, quoting a league source, says Winslow was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic because his balls swelled to the size of grapefruits."

What a day in Big D

If you thought Hard Knocks was a great publicity stunt, how about Tuesday.
Tony Romo is out four weeks with a pinkie injury, Felix Jones is out up to four weeks, the Cowboys trade three picks for Roy Williams, PacMan Jones is suspended for at least four games, and more importantly Brett Favre called Romo.
In other essential news, I made a phone call to my mother.

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