Friday, January 11, 2008

20 Reasons why Buller is an idiot

1. He doesn't know who Jimmy V is.
2. He does know who Cashnova is.
3. He likes Vince Carter.
4. He likes Michael Vick.
5. He longer likes the Falcons, his former favorite team.
6. He now likes the San Diego Chargers. He picked them because they went 14-2 last year.
7. His best friend is Puff.
8. Puff is 10 years old.
9. He cancels on his personal training clients constantly.
10. Sometimes, he cancels 5 minutes before he's scheduled to work.
11. His vocabulary consists of the five following phrases: Boss, Hog, Hoggin, SK for life, and making the emu sound.
12. He once pulled of Nick Kindel's shirt for fun.
13. He also pulled off Nick Kindel's pants...for fun.
14. He also constantly tries to pull off Larry's shirt.
15. He once asked if we could beat the best wheelchair basketball team in the world.
16. He thinks Dermarr Johnson could average 10 points per game in the NBA.
17. He thought Adventures in Hollyhood was a good show.
18. His favorite activity is lounging.
19. He doesn't give a fuck about wake.
20. He only likes songs that have the word "Boss" in it.

Also, in honor of Buller, here are the keys to winning a game of anything:

1. Play with a sense of urgency
2. Take it one play at a time
3. Take care of offense and defense
4. Give 110%
5. It is what it is
6. go out there and just play hard
7. Worry about us
8. Don't beat ourselves
9. Come out here and play our game
10. Play with good chemistry


Anonymous said...

great post

Justin Rands said...

Ha. Good stuff Romo

Mike said...

you need to get a job...

Josh said...

only 20?

big soft said...

best post of the year