Saturday, January 19, 2008

Arizona's still not good, Just Saying

How does Nic Wise play half as many minutes (19) and outrebound Jordan Hill (38) 7-3?
Yes, the Wildcats won 79-75. Whew. But I'm just saying. This is certainly a troubling time for Arizona basketball.

With people, aka message boards, already calling for Kevin O'Neill's head, this was as close to must win as Arizona has had. If Jerryd Bayless and Chase Budinger play well, the Wildcats are hard to stop. They combined for 45 points. But they have to play well or else Arizona loses.

That's the key to every game.

You know how announcers always have their keys to the game before tipoff, listing things like "win the battle of the boards," or "play tough defense."
Well for Arizona, they need to scrap any keys to the game except this one: Bayless and Budinger must both have good games or don't bother playing the game (unless they're playing Oregon State).

The Wildcats (12-6, 2-3) have 13 regular season games left. Their streak of 20 win seasons, currently at 20 is in minor jeopardy. If we add a guaranteed Pac-10 tournament game and a not guaranteed NCAA tournament game, that would make 15 games. Arizona would have to go 8-7 in those games, assuming they lose in each tournament. That would mean having to go 8-5 in the regular season. Now UCLA still looms twice, as does Washington State. Let's say that's four losses right there. Games at USC, at Oregon, and at Washington aren't going to be easy either. There's a legitimate chance Arizona not only snaps that streak but also that it doesn't finish above .500 in the Pac-10.

Up next: vs. Washington State Thursday 5:30 p.m. PST FSNAZ

Buller's new favorite player: Meet Deron Washington. He plays for Virginia Tech, he's a great dunker with jams like this one and these three and plays like this one and he kicks people in the nuts.

Shout out to T-Mac:
McGrady earned a lot of respect from me after he discussed how his perspective on life has changed following his trip to Darfur (I wrote about this in an earlier blog) and that respect is only growing after this week:
From, "McGrady, who made the rare admission this week that he'd forfeit his starting spot if the rules in place allowed him to because "there's other guys definitely having better seasons than me."

Now only if only every guy who doesn't deserve to start an all star game would do this.

This will probably be the only time I ever discuss hockey, but I have to: This is the sickest hockey goal I have EVER seen.
Make sure you watch the instant replay.

A new nickname for Marcus Camby:

UCSBChampers (10:53:05 PM): u see cambys line
Baller 11 15 21 (10:53:11 PM): tonight?
UCSBChampers (10:53:13 PM): yea
UCSBChampers (10:53:18 PM): 24 boards
UCSBChampers (10:53:21 PM): 11 blocks
UCSBChampers (10:53:31 PM): nuff said
Baller 11 15 21 (10:53:56 PM): jezzus
UCSBChampers (10:54:34 PM): he likes them boards
Baller 11 15 21 (10:54:51 PM): just blocks and hes building a house
Baller 11 15 21 (10:54:55 PM): hes a construction worker
UCSBChampers (10:54:58 PM): haha
Baller 11 15 21 (10:58:03 PM): fucked up
Baller 11 15 21 (10:58:05 PM): but lol
Baller 11 15 21 (10:58:33 PM): thats camby new nickname. the construction worker

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