Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A BCS sham

This was the worst bowl season ever. The hundreds of non-BCS bowls had little entertainment value to begin with, considering so many of the teams came in with 6-6 or 7-5 records, but what set this year apart was the lack of even one good BCS bowl game. Long gone are the days of an epic Texas/USC Rose Bowl or a Boise State/Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl, apparently.

This year's BCS Bowl game scores: Rose Bowl, USC 49 Illinois 17, Sugar Bowl, Georgia 41 Hawaii 10, Fiesta Bowl, West Virginia 48 Oklahoma 28, Orange Bowl Kansas 24 Virginia Tech 21 (but the game was never really close, VT never led and scored a late TD to pull within 3).
The national championship game featured a team that wouldn't have even been in my top 10, but the Buckeyes of Ohio State played such a cupcake schedule that they somehow managed to fool the BCS computers.

USC/LSU, Georgia/LSU, West Virginia/LSU. Take your pick. All would have been more even matchups.

For some reason, the Big 10 sent two teams to BCS bowl games, both of which were blown out of course. Most people thought they would be blown out so it's not like it was a surprise. It was a complete mockery of the system when two Big 10 teams make BCS bowls, but only one team from the Pac-10, arguably the best conference and at least the second best conference, makes it.

West coast Bias:
I heard a lot of people during the offseason saying the Eastern conference is catching up. While reading John Hollinger's article on his all stars for this year (you need insider), I realized the preseason talk was complete bullshit.

According to the article here are some of the players who will not make the Western Conference all star team.

Guards: Tony Parker, Deron Williams, Josh Howard, Tracy McGrady, Brandon Roy.

Deron Williams, yikes

Sports Illustrated was acting like he was the second coming of an Oscar Robertson/John Stockton combo and he doesn't even make the Western conference all star team. With Chris Paul and Steve Nash ahead of him, and possibly Baron Davis, there's really no argument to put him on.

Forwards: Carmelo Anthony, David West, Pau Gasol, Kevin Durant

Centers: Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, Al Jefferson, Andrew Bynum

The West's second team would give the East's first team a lot of trouble.


Kyle said...

The Orange Bowl was a good game, though that only brings this year's BCS to the Mendoza Line.

Kyle said...

Oh yeah, and I'd nominate 2001 (Jan. '02) as being slightly worse (every game decided by at least two TDs). It's a close race, though.

Anonymous said...

college football...nobody cares.