Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hoosh-Ercise This

I'm an avid Bill Simmons reader. His columns on are always entertaining and his style is unique.

One of the things I most enjoy about his writing is when he discusses the interaction with his friends about sports. I have done the same in many of my blogs and one of the people I quote a lot is my buddy Hoosh who lives in New York but is a huge Lakers fan. Now imagine my surprise when I saw the following in one of Simmons' columns on Wednesday:

Q: Me and my friend Hoosh are amazed Mike D'Antoni somehow manages to keep his hand in his pocket while he explodes on the sideline. A talent like this needs a name, so we got to arguing. I think it should be called "The Pocket Rocket." Hoosh says "The Invisible Hand." You gotta settle this.
-- Nadeem M., New York

SG: Glad you brought this up. I think D'Antoni believes he can't get a T if he's arguing with one hand in his pants, because it makes him look somewhat dignified, so that's why he does it. Personally, I think the name should have a veiled "pocket pool" reference like "the Nine-Ball" or "The Scratch." But I'm willing to hear any other suggestions. By the way, "Nadeem and Hoosh Go To White Castle" is one of my favorite late-night cable movies.

Yes, it's the one and only Hoosh. What you think there are other people named Hoosh walking around New York City.

hooshies (7:32:18 PM): haha, i can't believe its in there

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