Friday, February 08, 2008

Wheeling and Dealing

Now that the Suns and the Lakers have begun one of the most active trade seasons in recent memory, it's time to play NBA general manager. With lots of big names on the board and fans anxious for their teams to improve or to get rid of salaries, here are 5 deals that could work before the trade deadline.

1. Kings trade Mike Bibby to Cavs for Drew Gooden, Ira Newble, Devin Brown, 1st round pick in 2008.

Cavs get the pg Lebron craves and now look like this when healthy: Bibby/Pavlovic/Lebron/Verejao/Big Z.
Kings get expiring contracts of Newble and Brown, which gets them about $5 million in cap room, a draft pick and a big man they're currently lacking. Beno Udrih was doing a pretty good job at the point for them this year anyway and they can now build around Kevin Martin. They can also ask the Cavs for Boobie Gibson if they want to sweeten the deal.

2. The Nets trade Jason Kidd for Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Eddie Jones, and Devean George

The Mavs answer the Suns and Lakers moves by getting Kidd to play alongside Dirk and Josh Howard. That's a formidable trio that will give them a chance at the title.
The Nets get a young point guard who will make $43 million over five years, a veteran in Jason Terry (I have nothing good to say here; he's a good player and an Arizona alum, but his contract won't help the Nets, so if this trade was to work, he'd have to be included), and two expiring contracts in George, who would have to agree to the deal because he has essentially a no trade clause, and Jones.

3. The Sixers trade Andre Miller for Josh Childress, Tyronn Lue, and Lorenzen Wright and a first round pick.


The Hawks passed on Chris Paul and Deron Williams and are now stuck with Anthony Johnson and his homeless beard at point guard. They've got a lot of nice pieces already in place on the perimeter in Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Marvin Williams but they need a point guard to get them the ball. Andre Miller, one of the best lob passers in the league will be perfect for this young squad.
The Sixers get three expiring contracts to save them $9 million or they could choose to resign Childress who according to John Hollinger's PER is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. The trade would also allow Louis Williams more playing time and net the Sixers an extra first round pick.

4. The Nets trade Vince Carter for Zach Randolph and a 1st round pick


If I'm Isiah Thomas, I'm thinking, how can I bring in an underachieving big name player with a huge contract and hurt the Knicks even more for the future? Ok, let's bring in a guy who mailed it in for a full season in Toronto and shoots fade away jumpers even though he's the best dunker in the league. So Vince and his five year contract (4 years $62 million, team option for a fifth year) will be on their way to be booed at Madison Square.
The Nets get a low post presence and a guy who can get you 20 and 10, but does bring some baggage. Of course, it's not like Vince came with just his laptop bag. The Nets also get a first round pick, because the Knicks don't need theirs. They would have just drafted this year's version of Renaldo Balkman anyway. Also, if the Nets make Deal No. 2, they would be stuck long term with Harris, Terry, Jefferson, and Randolph, which could be a good thing (hey, they are in the East) or a bad thing.

5. The Pacers trade Jermaine O'Neal and Andre Owens to the Bulls for Joe Smith, Tyrus Thomas, Andres Nocioni, and Chris Duhon.


The Bulls get the low post presence they've been sorely lacking and should have traded for when they had the chance to get Pau Gasol. Though I've never been high on O'Neal, from the Bulls point of view they now have a solid pg (Hinrich), a shooter (Ben Gordon), a scorer (Luol Deng), a big man (O'Neal), and a defender (Ben Wallace).
The Pacers get rid of the overrated O'Neal who's the worst passing big man in the league, add some nice young talent in Thomas and Duhon, a hard working forward who Larry Bird would be proud to have on his team and Joe Smith, a veteran who fits in for salary purposes and comes off the books after the 2008-2009 season. The Pacers now have an insurance policy for Jamaal Tinsley who either gets hurt all the time or is involved in night club altercations. I'd also much rather have Thomas at $3 million a year than O'Neal at $19 million.

Someone should trade for this kid: An 11 year old runs a 4:50 mile and practices hooping four hours a day.

Did he just say that:
Gilbert Arenas talks about shaving his balls.

Hail to the Jew:
Bruce Pearl will coach the USA team in the 18th Maccabiah Games in Israel.

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