Monday, April 07, 2008

Ohhh and 1

It's been a long time, boys and girls.

What can I say, I've been lazy. No excuses, play like a champion. A lot has occurred in the world of sports and as my almost namesake Jim Rome would say, here's what I'm burning on:

  • I'm currently in 2,563,361st place in the ESPN tournament challenge. I'm pretty sure there were only 2,563,362 people who entered brackets.

My question is, when are the Dodgers hitters going to be spotted with substances? The Dodgers are dead last in the major leagues in home runs, with two. They don't have warning track power. They have warning to the warning track power.

(6:12:55 PM):
if they're lucky
  • Andruw Jones is 3-22 with six strikeouts and I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so. However, I didn't listen to myself in hopes that Dodger management was right and drafted him in one of my fantasy baseball leagues. As Will Ferrell would say, "What an Idiot!"

  • I went to my fourth Laker game of the season Friday against the Mavs, shattering my total for Laker games attended which previously stood at three all time, prior to this season. Courtesy of one of five Jews over 6-foot-8 in the country, I sat in the best seats of any of the games I have attended. So naturally there were some celebrity sightings: The guy from Arliss, B-Real, Lisa Leslie (not sure if she should be considered), and Jason Taylor. The aforementioned tall Jew happens to be a big Dolphins fan so when Taylor walked by us, he yelled "Jason, you're the man," and Taylor turned around, smiled and pointed at him.

  • The Nike Hoop Summit will be televised by Fox Sports Network at 1:00 p.m. (PT) on Saturday, April 12. Emmanuel Negedu of Arizona, who's from Nigeria will play for the international team. Brandon Jennings will not play at all.

  • Jennings did play in the McDonald's All-American game and vowed to break the assist record, which he almost did, had some of his teammates been able to finish their layups and dunks. Rocking the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air haircut, he had five assists in the first five minutes, dazzled with his ball handling and looked like the pass first point guard Arizona desperately needs.

  • Jerryd Bayless is entering th NBA draft and will hire an agent. Shocking. Nottttt!

  • Not only did ASU have a great season in basketball despite getting snubbed from the NCAA Tournament, but Wells Fargo Arena was rocking in the NIT. So much, that the ESPN announcers commented on the atmosphere numerous times. The crowd stood for the majority of the game and I'm not just talking about the student section. With James Harden coming back next season, ASU will be a tournament team and gasp, should be better than Arizona.

  • Brian Westbrook meet Richard Hamilton. If you remember, Brian Westbrook with his selfish stop at the 1 yard line ruined my fantasy football season. Rip had a chance to help my fantasy basketball season by not playing against my fantasy team two Sundays ago. The following is the discussion I had with my opponent before that awful Sunday, regarding Rip's injury.

evan411web (3:24:29 PM): its a sore hip

evan411web (3:24:33 PM): he has missed two games already

evan411web (3:24:36 PM): should be ready to roll

romoballa (3:24:44 PM): it should be a lingering problem

romoballa (3:24:46 PM): hopefully

evan411web (3:24:53 PM): haha

romoballa (3:24:54 PM): and they don't need him, rest up for the playoffs

evan411web (3:25:00 PM): haha he is their leading scorer

romoballa (3:25:03 PM): hold on, flip saunders is on the line

evan411web (3:25:16 PM): lol

romoballa (3:25:23 PM): hello flip, yeah i meant wat i said in the voice mail

romoballa (3:25:32 PM): yes, i'm holding ur housekeeper hostage

evan411web (3:25:38 PM): see he might not play tonight

romoballa (3:25:39 PM): do u want to see maria again?

evan411web (3:25:42 PM): since they are playing miami

Of course, he played, and I lost.

  • Larry Bowa, the Dodgers new third base coach is the man. He was suspended for his dustup with the third base umpire, and he wasn't even arguing a call.

"We got a memo and an edict, and they're adamant about the box and stuff," (umpire Ed) Montague said. "Don't go up in front of the box toward home plate, and don't get any closer to the foul lines. I told Bo in the bottom of the fifth, because he got up close. And that's what caught my eye. And I just told him, 'Bo, you got the memo, we got the memo, and you've got to stay back.' I went over and told Joe in-between innings what I told Bo. And Bo just said, 'I'm going to do it the way I've always been doing it.'"I said, 'Bo, if you go up, I'm going to have to run you.' And he said, 'Do what you've got to do, and it is what it is.' When he got up in front of it again, I said, 'Bo, I told you once, now get back in the box.' He argued it, and finally I said, 'You're gone.' So I gave him every chance in the book and he defied it."It's probably one of the dumbest ejections I've had."Bowa unleashed a profanity-laced tirade regarding the rule as he left the Dodger Stadium."I did it all spring, nobody said a word," he said, still irate a half-hour after the game ended. "I did it yesterday, nobody said a word. It's impossible to coach third and stay in the box with a runner at second."

To no one's surprise, Bowa also expressed anger early in spring training about having to wear a helmet at third.

Quote of the week:

"He eats Gummy Bears and Starburst for breakfast, and Twizzlers and Honey Buns for dinner. That's why his stomach hurts," fellow guard Chris Douglas-Roberts said. "We tell Derrick (Rose) the whole year, 'Stop eating so many Gummy Bears and Sour Straws.' But he can't. ... Nobody eats Gummy Bears more than him."

This idiot was on Arizona's football team.
After this video, he wasn't.

Coming up: An interview with Hunter club soccer star, Hoosh.


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