Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pass that douby

Since no one watches the Clippers, here's what you're missing. This is an actual conversation in the second quarter of the Clips/Kings game between play by play man Ralph Lawler and analyst Mike Smith.

Lawler: "Only 24 today, is how old Al Thornton is. Happy Birthday to Al.
Smith: What'd you get him?
Lawler: Douby. (Quincy Douby was shooting a three from the corner)
Smith: (incredulously) You got him a douby?
Lawler: (Laughing) I got him a douby. And I wrapped it real nice, in special douby packaging.

I feel like you need to know these things.

And then also:

Erik Bedard was 4th in the AL in ERA, last year, ahead of Josh Beckett and CC Sabathia.
He was second in WHIP behind Johan Santana.

Plus: Marcus Williams isn't even making this much:
"Salaries in the D-League range from $12,000 to $27,000 per season. Of the 10 players on every NBDL roster, two will reportedly make $27,000, two will make $18,000, and the other six will make $12,000. NBA players that are assigned to the D-league will be paid by their NBA teams according to the contracts they signed with them, making their paydays at least 15 times as much as the highest paid non-NBA developmental league players." (courtesy of NBA Draft Express)

Arizona trivia
Antoine Cason won the Jim Thorpe Award, given to the top defensive back in the country.
The last Wildcat football player to win a major award was Steve McLaughlin who won the Lou Groza Award in 1994, given to the best kicker.


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Evan said...

nice getting blog spam already

Justin said...

that means coby karl is making 430k while his teammates are making 27k at the most hah. ive never even seen him play, did his dad's reputation get him in to the nba? or do i not watch enough college bball?

roman said...

He was actually a really good player in college, even though it was at Boise State. He's a terrific stand still shooter and even played decent in preseason. He's I'm sure a good teammate and isn't about to fight anyone or get in trouble with the law. I'm sure having George Karl as his dad helped him a little as well but the aforementioned reasons should have been enough.