Monday, December 10, 2007

Wildcats losing players and recruits

Laval Lucas Perry saw the writing on the wall. He saw what happened to the career of Daniel Dillon. Lots of partying and not much success on the basketball court. He saw Nic Wise tearing it up, saw Brandon Jennings and Abdul Gaddy coming in to the program in the next few years. He realized playing time might not only be scarce this year, but may be scarce for his entire career. So Perry, decided to transfer.

Add to that the uncertainty of Lute Olson's future and you can understand why he made such a decision, even if it did catch many by surprise. Perry was supposed to the be tough nosed football player type who was going to change the culture of the program. The defensive minded bull who would complement the finesse guards. Now the freshman class is down to four. Two of them are impact players. Jerryd Bayless may be gone after this season. That leaves the Wildcats with Jamelle Horne, Alex Jacobsen, and Zane Johnson, plus a lot of what could have beens. It's a part of big time programs to lose players to transfer. Just last year, the highly touted J.P. Prince left. Soon, we may find out Perry's reasoning, but whatever it is, there will be plenty more who leave like him for years to come.

Meanwhile, the Wildcat football team lost the best running back on to rival ASU.
Mike Stoops saved his job late in the season, but it's becoming more apparent, he will have to attempt to save his job against next season.


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