Saturday, December 01, 2007

Back down to earth

The question prior to last night's Laker game against the Utah Jazz was, can the Lakers play consistently? The loud and clear answer is NO! Defense was again the main culprit, particularly stopping penetration and even more particularly, the penetration of Deron Williams.

The Jazz point guard now becomes the 2,345th point guard to break down the Lakers defense. So it's a problem, and one the Lakers have had since Phil Jackson came on board. They no longer have the excuse of Shaq not playing well against the pick and roll. It's now purely a lack of man to man ball defense by Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar, and Kobe when he continuously gambles for steals.

After the euphoria of the win against the Nuggets, the Lakers came back down to earth. It appears the ups and downs won't go away any time soon.

And also: When you just can't hold it in

It would have great television if ESPN's cameras went to Walker relieving himself the sideline. That commentary would have been priceless. If only Rick Majerus was there.

As always, Lakers +/- (through 16 games)

Fisher +30
Kobe +26
Turiaf -15
Odom -3
Mihm -32
Walton +80
Bynum +74
Farmar +48
Radmanovic +95
Brown -5
Vujacic +6
Crittenton -10
Karl +5
Ariza 0

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