Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crank that Sasha Vujacic

I can't contain my excitement.
I want to dance like Ronny Turiaf, swinging and waving his arms like a lunatic on the sideline. Kobe Bryant, who sat the entire fourth quarter in the Lakers 127-99 win over Stephen A Smith's pick to win the NBA Championship, the Denver Nuggets, looked at Ronny and probably thought to himself, who is this crazy guy on my team?
The Lakers were fun to watch tonight. The Cowboys won in a shootout, and all my fantasy players in the game did well (TO, Greg Jennings, and Donald Lee). And to put the icing on the cake, Sasha Vujacic had a career high 22 points along with a post game interview with Cheryl Miller. Now Sasha will never top Slava Medvedenko's classic after he had a career high, but Sasha was entertaining in his own right.
He attributed the bench's second half performance to "meditation with Phil Jackson before the Staples." Then he gave a shout out to the fans getting tacos, twice. Sasha has come under a lot of criticism for under performing, but you can't question his effort and his heart. He's a big reason the chemistry of the bench has been so good. Like he said, "it's all about having fun."
He's a fun loving kid and it's nice to see him do well.

As for Kobe, he continues to do things no one else in the NBA can come remotely close to doing. Recently, he's begun to enjoy making no look passes. When Andrew Bynum and Ronny Turiaf are in the game, guys who can actually catch passes and finish, Kobe looks to get in the lane and dish. Check out his 7 assists in 29 minutes, to complement his 24 points and six rebounds. Best of all, Kobe isn't isolated. He's part of the conversations on the bench. He laughs, jokes, and appears like he wants to be here. He looks like he's having a good time and that's the sign of a good team. Watch the Knicks body language. There's a reason they lose by 50. Those guys don't want to be around each other, they don't want to be at the game, and they don't want to compete. The Lakers are competing and I'm enjoying watching them play.

Phil isn't going anywhere
The LA Times reports Phil Jackson is staying for another two years.
Best coach in the business so no complaints about the high salary from me.

And then also:
I'll let this video speak for itself

As always, Lakers +/- (through 15 games)

Fisher +51
Kobe +46
Turiaf -8
Odom +26
Mihm -31
Walton +79
Bynum +102
Farmar +50
Radmanovic +90
Brown -5
Vujacic +16
Crittenton -4
Karl +5
Ariza +2

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