Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lakers no match for Spurs

When you turn the ball over 19 shots and shoot 2-16 from 3-point range, you'll have trouble beating Cal State San Bernardino. When you're playing against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs, you might as well not show up. The Lakers showed up technically, but forgot their game back in Los Angeles.

The Spurs didn't play too badly either. Bruce Bowen made all six of his 3-point attempts en route to 23 points and Tony Parker scored 26 points (11-16 field goals) and had nine assists. Even Matt Bonner scored 15 points. Now that's embarrassing.

Kwame Brown was an atrocious -17 on the day in only 15 minutes of playing time. Kobe played 38 minutes but was a -23. Here is the box score.

Lakers running +/-
(through 6 games)

Note: I'll update this after every game

Fisher +17
Kobe +12
Turiaf +4
Odom +5
Mihm -14
Walton +30
Bynum +22
Farmar +18
Radmanovic +13
Brown +2
Vujacic -5
Crittenton -5
Cook -26
Evans -3
Karl +4

And then also:
Tim Kurkjian said Miguel Cabrera would likely wind up on the Dodgers to start the season. Niiiice.

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Justin Rands said...

When Parker is on his game, the other team is screwed. Now that he's consistently hitting jumpers you can't go under those Duncan screens. Then if you play close, he's going by you. I also hate how the Lakers always leave their men on the outside to help when they don't need to. Walton did that a couple of times last night. And that's how they got beat against fucking New Orleans. They spread the floor and let Paul handle business. Lakers need to get their shit together. Hey, thanksgiving balling. lets do it...