Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lakers suffer setback, Cats Cruise

Redd slows Kobe to get Bucks to fourth straight win.
That's the AP headline for the Lakers loss last night. I didn't realize you can slow someone to 27 points and 11 free throw attempts.
The NBA: Where anyone can win on any given night in the regular season happens.
The Lakers shouldn't have lost night. They played lackadaisical in the fourth quarter and they got burned.
But it was the second game of a back to back on the road so all is forgiven. Bad losses are going to happen.

Meanwhile, Arizona got ready for Thanksgiving by giving thanks to its schedule maker. The Wildcats blew out D II Adams State 88-64.

Lakers updated +/- (through 11 games)

Fisher +30
Kobe +28
Turiaf +4
Odom 0
Mihm -25
Walton +64
Bynum +94
Farmar +56
Radmanovic +74
Brown -5
Vujacic +3
Crittenton -9
Cook -9
Evans +31
Karl +5

And then also:
I'm an idiot because after touting Andray Blatche for so long, I dropped him in my fantasy league only to see him go off for 26 points and get picked up right away. He's got a bright future.

Plus: Blatche said he's coming out with a blog:
"I'm getting me a blog. Y'all stay tuned. Coming to a town near y'all, I'm getting my blog. It's going to be: 'When keeping it real goes wrong.'"

Shout out to Blatche for the Dave Chappelle reference.

Check out: My Daily News article on Cal State Northridge's win over Bakersfield

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