Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Bynum to Kobe connection brought to you by Tivo

I love tivo. Or the device called a DVR but better known as tivo. I want to make it clear that very few people refer to it as a DVR. The phrase "can you DVR that for me" just doesn't roll off your tongue. I didn't always love tivo. It was one of those things that someone tells you try and after much convincing you finally agree only to have it completely change your life. That's the beauty of tivo. Once you get it, you can never go back to living without it.

So how does this relate to the Lakers, you may be asking. Well, if you have the game on tivo and watch closely with 4:27 left in the fourth quarter, there was a momentous occasion. The Lakers were running the triangle, Jordan Farmar made an entry pass into the post to Andrew Bynum, who hit a cutting Kobe Bryant for a layup and 1. The Lakers made an 83-81 lead grow to 86-81 after the free throw and put the Pistons away.

More importantly, watch after the play. A visibly pumped up Kobe, fist pumping and all, runs over to Bynum, slap hands, lovingly taps him in the head and yells encouragement. The same Kobe who trashed Bynum on a cell phone video this summer. This was a breakthrough. I had to watch the play several times just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. They weren't. Bynum and Kobe were on the same page. Maybe there's some magic in Lakerland after all.

As always, here is an updated +/- (through 8 games)

Note if you'd like to see an adjusted +/- for the Lakers, as recommended by Gibbs, click here. I'll stick to simplicity for now.

Fisher +11
Kobe +6
Turiaf +1
Odom +1
Mihm -16
Walton +39
Bynum +43
Farmar +35
Radmanovic +35
Brown -4
Vujacic -5
Crittenton -5
Cook -22
Evans +16
Karl +4


Justin said...

adjusted for what?

roman said...

Adjusted for the other players on the floor at the time then player in question is on the floor. 82 explains it better.