Friday, November 16, 2007

Erin Andrews, where were you my last four years?

Down went the Ducks after down went Dennis Dixon. Another November night to remember. At this point, there's going to be a lot of nights to remember with the way Arizona plays football late in the season.

The game was nationally televised, in HD, the crowd was raucous, the offense was moving the ball, the defense, filled with seniors was amped to play. Taryne Mowatt announced Arizona's starters as Craig James made an inappropriate joke undauntedly.
And the beautiful Erin Andrews was there. The only thing better was the scene of the crowd rush. And unlike the UCLA victory, this one was warranted.

What other school have you seen allow the students on the field for the last two minutes? After Nate Ness intercepted Brady Leaf late in the fourth quarter he ran to the sideline to celebrate. Only he couldn't find any of his teammates because they were hidden among the students on the sidelines. Some drunk kids were draped around Mike Stoops right when the game ended.

And Kris Fowler's response to the ridiculously fast field rush: simply, "wow."

In case you didn't know
Jerryd Bayless has a tattoo of his last name on his back.

I wish I had a picture of it. But apparently I didn't know this was the new trend. Vince Young, among many others has a similar tattoo.

Summing up Jawann McClellan

basebizzle (11:48:58 PM): yeah. it seems to me like he's in his late 30s, like he's already had his great career behind him

Oh no

Ronny Turiaf injured his left ankle in practice on Thursday and may not play today.


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