Monday, November 05, 2007

Homecoming Heroes and Idiots

Arizona football is good on homecoming. That's becoming an established fact. Maybe it's the extra horde of drunken students and alumni. Playing against a 4th string quarterback, who used to be a wide receiver definitely helps. Whatever the reason may be, Arizona has won its last three homecoming games, taking down undefeated UCLA two years ago, stunning Cal last year and defeating a mediocre but still solid Bruin squad this Saturday.

I was asked to do staff picks for the daily Wildcat last week and I wanted to pick Arizona to win but I just couldn't. I picked us to lose 35-31. Being wrong in this case felt really good.
Until... a bunch of dumbass kids posing as fans in the student section decided to do something so utterly stupid, so ridiculous, so telling of a lack of knowledge of college sports, so irresponsible, and so typical of Arizona sports fans, that it ruined the tough effort Arizona exhibited.
They rushed the field.

Against a 4th string quarterback. Against a team who was 5-3 and unranked, and playing on the road against a team on its homecoming.

They rushed the field after a game in which they led 34-14. A game that Arizona thoroughly dominated until a somewhat lackluster fourth quarter. It was an exciting game but it lacked any real drama. There weren't any hold your breath type plays.
It was NOT a rush the field game.

But Wildcat fans did. And they embarrassed themselves. Like they continue to do by not filling the student section at basketball games, chanting F*** the opposing team as their original slogan, and participating in what once a special moment when a team rushed the field to signify a great upset or a great game capped by a winning play as time expired.

As for my experience at my first homecoming as an alum. I'll put it like this: lot of drinkin, not much sleep and a lot of time and money spent at Bags and Frog.

Football Fun Fact: The Wildcats were ranked in a poll at some point in the season every year from 1992-2000. They haven't been ranked once since.

And then also: In regard to Lute Olson and his decision to take an indefinite leave of absence, inside sources tell me...nothing. Apparently, Olson hasn't informed too many people of the real reason he has decided to take a break. Even some insiders had no knowledge of the real situation.
Pure speculation says it is a health issue with someone in Olson's family. Player comments revealed it is a family issue and I can deduce that Olson would take a leave of absence for something important. Nothing is more important than health. Whatever the situation may be, I sincerely hope it is resolved soon so Olson can get back on the court. Despite the disappointment of the last few years, he is still a legend and a great basketball coach.

Plus: Chase Budinger is living the dream

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