Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vlad the Not so Great

Vladimir Radmanovic, the Lakers current starting power forward is 1 for his last 13. He's 0-8 from 3-point range in the past two games. Against other teams' second units, the Space Cadet was fine. In fact he was thriving as witnessed by his +/-. Against teams' starting power forwards? Not so much.

Now for the good news. The Lakers snapped their three game losing streak with a 106-99 win over Seattle.

Kobe had a monster game. 35, 8, and 6. He was in attack mode. Stu Lantz attributed his poor performance the past couple of games to a cold. Stu is trying to pull out all the stops since Chick passed away. When Chick did games, Stu's job was to take the broadcast into commercials. Aside from that, we rarely heard from him. And that was a good thing. Stu was great in small doses.
"And Derek Fisher said 'take that young fella' on the Lakers back to back to back championship basketball network."
Too much of Stu (including his halftime analysis) is too much for me.

And then also: Choke job
For the second time in three nights, a player had a chance to tie a game with three free throws. After Kobe made the first two and missed the third against the Nets, JR Smith did the same against the Pacers last night.

(through 14 games)

Fisher +38
Kobe +39
Turiaf -20
Odom +13
Mihm -34
Walton +54
Bynum +94
Farmar +40
Radmanovic +71
Brown -5
Vujacic -4
Crittenton -9
Karl +5
Ariza -3

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