Friday, November 09, 2007

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From ESPN's mock draft do over: "Tennessee would obviously like a do-over on Arizona RB Chris Henry"

Hate to say I told you so.

Thought Arizona's student section was a joke last year? Well apparently, the cream of the student section crop isn't so sweet either. In fact, many of last season's games witnessed empty student section seats.

Mark Heisler of the LA Times denies that Magic Johnson is the source of anti-Kobe talk.

From everything I've heard and seen from Magic, he is much too classy to do something as shady as this.

I'm not a fan of Stephen A. Smith by any means, nor do I like cheesy noodles. But on First and 10 today, Stephen A. discussed the possibility of collusion against A. Rod, which I mentioned would be a dream come true in an earlier blog.

The beauty of fantasy sports means cheering for Nene's thumb injury, which will keep him out 6 weeks when you have Kenyon Martin on your bench. I'm a big believer in karma and Nene who spent his summer at the buffet spending money from his enormous contract is getting what he deserves. The disinterested power forward is probably happy he doesn't have to play for the next month and a half.

Arizona basketball played "sloppy" in an exhibition game over Team Georgia. At least they didn't lose like Ohio State and Michigan State have done in their exhibition games.
The Killer B's as they are now being called (Budinger and Bayless) combined for 42 points, but once again Arizona has no inside game. BTW, I hate unoriginal nicknames. The Killer B's will always be Biggio and Bagwell, and if you'd like to add Berkman and Derek Bell in, that's fine as well.
Anyway, Jordan Hill (7 pts, 3 fouls), Mohamed Tangara, Bret Brielmaier, Kirk Walters, and Alex Jacobsen (combined 0 points) won't get it done against the Pac-10's best.

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