Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So much penetration Lakers looking like Brokeback Mountain

Shocking that no can take a joke. Phil Jackson wasn't making fun of gays when he made his now infamous comments about Brokeback Mountain. He was making fun of the Lakers defense. Alright, so he's not Carlos Mencia, but since when can only comedians have a sense of humor.

And like Mike Wilbon said, if the reporters in the room all laughed, then what right do they have to write his comments were wrong.

As for what should be the bigger issue at hand, the Lakers defense, like it was the past two seasons, is pitiful. They give up more penetration than Jenna Jameson. I'm sorry, shouldn't have said that. I may have just offended the porn community.

"I apologize for anyone in the porn community I may have offended," I said in a statement released by my attorney. "My comment was not intended to be offensive nor did I intend to offend anyone. The porn community and Jenna Jameson deserve the same respect as anyone in any other profession."

Anyways, the penetration continued against the Rockets. This time it was Bonzi Wells, who went for 21 points after averaging less than eight points the rest of the year. ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy repeatedly urged the Lakers to back off the reluctant perimeter shooter but to no avail. Luke Walton crowded him all night so Wells got easy looks inside and managed to help foul out both Lamar Odom and Vlad Radmanovic. Phil Jackson, meanwhile had the "I need to smoke a blunt and fuck Jeanie face" going.

Penetration of course is nothing new for the Lakers. Tony Parker shredded the defense yesterday for 26 points and 9 assists and Chris Paul had a career high 21 assists thanks to breezing by Laker defenders and dishing for wide open shots.

Still, with a tough opening, schedule the Lakers are 4-3 after a too close for comfort win over the Rockets.

Lakers running +/- (through 7 games)

Note: I'll update this after every game

Fisher +14
Kobe +8
Turiaf +1
Odom +2
Mihm -16
Walton +35
Bynum +32
Farmar +22
Radmanovic +22
Brown -3
Vujacic -5
Crittenton -5
Cook -26
Evans +4
Karl +4


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Your statistics could be improved.


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