Monday, September 24, 2007

Are you serious?

This is ridiculous:
• In the offseason, he teaches linguistics at NYU: Isiah Thomas, in avideotaped deposition played Monday at the trial for the $10 million sexual-harassment suit against him, said he thinks it's out of line for a white man to call a black woman "bitch," but thinks it's OK for a black man to do the same.
(From ESPN's Tim Keown)

Trade made Friday:

(I get) Marshawn Lynch

(I give) Donovan McNabb
Needless to say after McNabb's game on Sunday, I'm a little nervous about this one. But I will attribute his stats to the Detroit Lions defense.

Trade almost made:

(I get) Reggie Bush, Tony Gonzales, and Mushin Muhammad (throw in)

(I give) Drew Brees, Kellen Winslow, Brandon Stokely (throw in)

Random Laker of the Day: Mike Schmek
(courtesy of Evan's boss)

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