Saturday, September 15, 2007

Can we get Mackovic back?

Apparently is already taken.
I guess someone beat me to the punch.
Although the website is owned by and there's no mention of the coach soon to be looking for work or the man soon to be called former Arizona coach Mike Stoops.
As if three seasons without a bowl weren't enough, a 1-2 start with a home loss to the vaunted New Mexico Lobos should make sure Stoops will not roam the sidelines, berate officials, and fail to produce any semblance of a disciplined football team for a fifth year at Arizona.

I'll start with this conversation which puts how I feel about this year's team into perspective.

hckyman610: dude, UA is horrible
romoballa: no way
romoballa: i thought they played great
romoballa: new mexico is top 10 right
hckyman610: you're shitting me
romoballa: lol
hckyman610: no, UNM is in like the bottom tier of the WCC or whatever conference they're in
romoballa: i mean startin a season 1-2 where ur only win is against a 1-AA school is alright
romoballa: i think we'll make a bowl
hckyman610: HAHAHAHAHAHA
romoballa: if we got this close to unm, i think we'll beat usc
hckyman610: i can't wait to see stoops canned

If there was an Art Shell face in college football, Stoops should adopt it. The yelling and screaming antics on the field don't make up for a lack of preparation at practice. Like Stoops, the team appears on edge, continuously making dumb mistakes.
How else can you explain two fumbles, a wild interception on the last drive when Willie Tuitama looked like he was trying to get a touchdown from the 20 yard line on every play, and 9 penalties for 96 yards, including an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Stoops and his staff.

When does basketball season start?

And just for the hell of it: Jerome Kersey (random Laker)
courtesy of Jason Kleinman

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Anonymous said...

Better random Lakers:

1. Benoit Benjamin
2. Larry "Special K" Krystkowiak

And, the Laker teammate special:

3. Doug Christie
4. Sam Bowie

--Laker Hater