Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sad Times in Chavez Ravine

I always say the worst day of the year is when the Lakers are bounced out of the playoffs. On that day I usually seclude myself, take no calls, or ims, and snap at the slightest mention of the situation.

Yesterday didn't exactly fit that profile, but it was pretty bad. For the second straight day the Dodgers found a way to shoot themselves in the foot. And they have plenty of weapons and tons of ammunition. Their biggest weapon is the bullpen and the largest bullet in that weapon is Jonathon Broxton.

As Vin Scully noted, the past two games for Broxton have gone like this: First batter, single, second batter, home run, next three batters out. Each game, 22 pitches. Each game, came in with a lead. Each game, the Dodgers lost.

Totals for the past four losses: 15 runs, 44 hits, 32 runners left on base
As a result, I haven't opened the paper in two days, knowing the front page of sports will surely have a picture of one of the Dodgers with their head down.

I have trouble turning on SportsCenter and hearing division race talk. I can't stand that two other NL West teams who appeared inferior earlier in the year are both likely to make the postseason.

Yesterday was a tough day.

Yesterday I realized there would be no games after the Dodgers/Giants series.

Yesterday was the end of the road for 2007.

And frankly it sucks.

Check it out: Great and disturbing column from the LA Times on Dodger Talk,1,7577245.column?coll=la-headlines-sports-columnists

Random LA Dodger of the Day: Steve Schmoll

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