Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thanks for Playing

Ladies and gentleman...your 2007 Los Angeles Dodgers.

A doubleheader sweep by the Colorado Rockies in Coors Field where the Dodgers managed one run and left a small country left on base in the first game, then gave away a 3-0, and 8-5 lead in the second game, signaled the end of the season.

The Dodgers were listless and played like a team who was ready for a vacation. There was no fight. There was no courage, no bravado, no heroics. This isn't your '88 Dodgers.
With all the good young players the Dodgers have, the future looks bright, but the end of this season appears dim.

Food for thought:
bigtmoney032 (04:30:52 pm): would u pay for $20 dollar beers (the bigbeers) to compensate arods salary?

Just for the hell of it: Today's random Dodger is Henry Rodriguez

Coming up in a blog post this week: a list of possible free agent third baseman the Dodgers could sign.

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Dodgers bringing the blues said...

I would pay $20 for a big beer for the blue crew to sign ARod...Random Dodgers: Tripp Cromer, Alan Mills, James Baldwin, Luke Prokopec, Mike Blowers, Roberto Kelly, Greg Gagne, Jody Reed, Otis Nixon, Devon White...i can bring em all day