Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boumchey found not Guilty

Malibu, Calif -- Boumchey Boumchey (my dog) was found not guilty today in Malibu Supreme court of illegal trespassing on a beach. The arresting police officer failed to appear in court. The charge had a maximum sentence of a $158.00 fine.

Boumchey, who was not in court either, responded to the case's acquittal by accusing the police officer of discrimination against dogs.

"It's entirely unfair that I not be allowed on the beach, bark, bark," he said.

PETA said they would seek further action against Malibu police.

Marathon update: We are now in the middle of week 9 of marathon training (we were forced to skip some of the weeks because of the 30 weeks we had for the 38 week training regiment). This past weekend we ran seven miles for the first time, and without much hardship I must report. Yesterday Buller ran the last four miles of a five mile run on a sprained ankle. That's toughness.

Nike immediately signed him to a two year contract and placed him on the Women's World Cup Team.

In other news: The Lakers have still made no real offseason moves.

Mitch Kupchak had no comment. He was busy making sure the Space Cadet isn't snowboarding.

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Anonymous said...

that was a sad day...i'm glad the justice system finally paid off.