Friday, September 21, 2007

Your main boy Elton Brown

Reaction to the signing of Elton Brown has been nothing if not downright enthusiastic.
To top the signing of the great Larry Turner (he will now be referred to as the great or the savior) Mitch Kupchak has given Kobe even more hope that the Lakers will be a title contender.

Here was my initial reaction:

Baller 11 15 21 (10:40:58 am): lakers just signed elton brown
romoballa (10:42:57 am): nice
romoballa (10:43:10 am): now, we got marc gasol and elton brown
romoballa (10:43:13 am): we're so close

And the reaction of others:

greenmachineAZ (04:36:11 pm):
Mitch: Kobe, how good would you say KG is?
Kobe: He's as good as Elton Brand and Kwame Brown combined
Mitch: *Signs Elton Brown*
Just a quick bio on Elton Brown for you:

1. He is not Elton Brand
2. He does not play guard for the Arizona Cardinals, although that Elton Brown also went to Virginia and is his cousin. His first cousin. I'm serious.
3. Played a grand total of 17 minutes in the NBA.
4. Pleaded guilty to a concealed weapon charge in 2005 in an altercation at a mall. USA today article
5. Came in to Virginia at 280 pounds. Has since dropped to 250 pounds
6. Led the league in rebounding. The Greek league.
7. Is not Elton Brand!
Today's random Laker: Elton Brown

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