Friday, September 28, 2007

Fantasy Athletes Speak

There is a new phenomenon on the internet. Athletes are discussing themselves as fantasy players. I first discovered this at the beginning of the season when TO told fantasy owners that he would not disappoint this year. Of course as a proud owner of TO in my keeper league, I was thrilled to know that he's working not just for the Cowboys, but that he's actually conscious of his role for fantasy owners.

Now Steven Jackson, a popular buy low candidate, is reassuring owners that he will fight through his groin injury to be back on the field.

In posts like Jackson's the truth is hard to find. Maybe he really does have no idea when he'll be back. Maybe the doctors at least told him his prognosis, which he did not mention in his post. More likely, it's just a public relations ploy to connect with the fans. That's something I don't mind at all because it's a way to close the disconnect fans have been feeling for the past decade.
I would, however, take Jackson's comments with a grain of salt. If he was likely out for the season and the team didn't want that information to be made public, Jackson's post would have been exactly the same.

So thanks TO and thanks S-Jax for letting us know that you care about our fantasy teams, but when you have some real inside information let me know.

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