Thursday, September 06, 2007

That's Wassup

For those who don't already know, I've begun training for the LA Marathon on March 2. Call it a post college crisis or an attempt to shed beer pounds up front.
Me and my buddy Buller are doing a 37 week program in 30 weeks and are currently on our 5th week. Well, we've already skipped two weeks due to the lack of time. But they were easy weeks. Anyways, I will be updating my progress periodically in this space. Thus far, the longest run we've done was five miles, but we're going six on Sunday.
As Buller put it, we're actually working out for a reason for the first time since we ran, lifted, and practiced for basketball games in high school.
The hardest part so far hasn't been the miles but the few times I've run in the morning with the sun baking my body. Absolutely exhausting.
It will be a challenge, most likely vastly different from any other physical challenge I've ever gone through. On March 2, I hope it will be worth it.
To see our schedule, click here

To Jason David, who gave up three touchdowns to Indianapolis but had the courage and the balls to sit at the podium and respectfully answer the media's questions. Taking responsibility is unfortunately seldom seen among today's athletes. Jason David was refreshing.

Sweet to Sour: Rick Ankiel was baseball's feel good story of the year. The former pitcher, who once battled embarrassing control problems was back in the Majors as a hitter and was becoming a major contributor in the St. Louis Cardinals run toward the playoffs. He already has nine home runs, including two today. Now, the NY Daily News reports he was given HGH by a Florida pharmacy in 2004. Too bad baseball can't shed the drug era and too bad Ankiel will be in the news for the near future for all the wrong reasons.

Can't Wait: for Prison Break. The show returns this Monday, and though it should have ended last season, the success of the first two full seasons has propelled the show to a third. Here's to continued entertainment and staying away from the decline Entourage has suffered.

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