Friday, October 19, 2007

Bring back Eddie Jones

The Lakers played well in their third preseason game. They shot 56 percent from the field, they had eight guys score in double figures, they shared the ball (30 assists), and they put up 126 points.

Still, nothing frustrates me more than watching the Lakers on defense. Specifically on ball defense in their man to man. When Vlad Radmanovic gets burned twice in a row by a guy just coming off ankle surgery and is slow to begin with (Wally Szczerbiak) and Brian Cook repeatedly gets beat off the dribble, other teams will get easy buckets. I'm not even mentioning the other slow footed guys on the team, i.e Luke Walton, Sasha, Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum, and Derek Fisher. Yes, as much as I love D Fish's hustle and tenacity on D, he's 33 years old and gets beat constantly.

Aside from Kobe, the last great defender the Lakers had was Eddie Jones. Jones led the Lakers in steals every year he was with them. He was named to the All-Defensive second team three straight years. He was a shut down perimeter player who took pressure off the Lakers bigs and always guarded the opposing team's best player. As Hubie Brown would say AND ALSO he was exciting to watch.

Check out this video of Eddie with three dunks over people in two and half minutes. As Chick Hearn says in the video, "remarkable."

Listen to the chants of "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie"
AND ALSO this clip also reminds me of how I miss Chick.

AND ALSO this im I received from my buddy and big Laker fan Conor:
knackaconman: march 10, 1999 3 10pm worst time in my life.

Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell for Glen Rice, Jr. Reid and BJ Armstrong will always be one of the worst trades in Lakers history to me.

Random Laker of the Day: Trevor Wilson

Check it out:
ESPN's Matthew Berry disses an idiot ASU journalism student. Check out some of the comments also, pretty funny, especially if you're a Wildcat.

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Justin said...

haha i love your laker rants. glen rice was part of the championship team in 2000 and elden campbell was like the 1999 version of kwame brown. i mean his low post moves probably a little better, but it seems like they both have no heart. i just hope we don't have a repeat of the bad laker teams of the 90s. i dont know if i can handle that.