Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fight the Power

If you're as excited as I am about homecoming, this should get you boiling mad. The UA and the (insert expletive here) Alumni association decided to make a few extra bucks and ban all alcohol from the UA mall.
They are selling beer for $3 a pop in a few designated locations inside a designated area.
If you think this borders on the ridiculous you are absolutely right. And I know what you're thinking. How can I watch the sorry excuse we call the UA football team without being completely wasted?
First they banned drinking games like beer pong from the Mall and now they have taken it a step further. I'm sure underage drinking is a problem on other campuses as well, but if they banned beer at LSU tailgates there would be riots.
What disturbs me even more is the price. If they were so concerned about controlling underage drinking, then by all means ban alcohol from the mall. But then sell it at 50 cents or $1 a drink. Not only are they taking the life out of the party, but they're trying to profit as well. That is what I call cowardly.
Of course, it seems that UA makes a new crackdown rule every year and its enforcement is matador like every year. So get really drunk before you come, sneak in that beer, and show these Puritans at UA what homecoming is all about.

Desperation time: Apparently Mike Stoops is considering playing Antoine Cason at safety.
Dominic Patrick's injury leaves an opening at free safety and Stoops said he could play Devin Ross at cornerback and Cason at safety to get "more playmakers on defense."
Cason, who is already returning punts and playing cornerback, and ran track in the offseason as well, will also be expected to shine Stoops' shoes, babysit his kids, and apply for coaching jobs when Stoops gets fired.
A great idea. Take your best player and have him play a position he's never played before. Brilliant.

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