Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Everyone is taking a shot at Arizona fans

Wow Arizona fans are dumb:
According to Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated, two Arizona Diamondbacks fans were caught stealing a keg after game two of the NLCS, the same game that fans threw plastic bottles on the field after what turned out to be a good call.
The problem? The keg was empty.

And they continue to get clowned on:

ESPN's Jim Caple referring to the ticket problems of the world series:

"And had Arizona made the series, you probably could have gotten a pair of tickets with the purchase of a 128-ounce barrel of soda at Circle K."

Kobe Watch:

Check out this little gimmick from the La Times website. Kobe is currently in stage 2 at this point. Let's hope he doesn't climb any higher.

A look at the chance of a Kobe flare-up or threat of a trade.
Current level: Guarded

Random Laker of the Day: Cedric Ceballos

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