Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mike Stoops is having a garage sale

The Arizona football team "may have finally hit rock bottom," according to the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

While rock bottom may not come until the Wildcats go 2-10 and Mike Stoops is shown the door, losing to Stanford is the equivalent of getting rejected by Roseanne. (And I don't want to hear, well they beat USC.)

Here are the final four games for Arizona: at Washington, vs. UCLA, vs No.5 Oregon, at No. 4 ASU.

Realistically, Oregon and ASU are automatic losses. Washington, who hasn't won a conference game will still be favored by a touchdown. They're hungry and Tyrone Willingham will outcoach Stoops in a game the Huskies see ripe for the taking. UCLA has not lost a conference game and the Bruins come in to Tucson for homecoming. We all know the only time the Wildcats play well all year is homecoming. Plus, the last time UCLA played in Arizona Stadium, they were undefeated and ranked No. 8 in the country. And then the Wildcats spanked them 52-14 on the 5th of November.

So there are two winnable games left, but it's likely Arizona will lose out. If I had a nickel for every time Stoops answered the question, what's going on with this team? with an "I don't know," I'd be a millionaire.

Side note: actual AZ Daily Star statement credited to Stoops:
"He said if he had any answers for the UA's unexpected problems he would 'be a millionaire.'

Paging Mike Stoops. You are a millionaire dumbass. You're making $3 million a year, though you don't deserve it.

Example of why Stoops is a dumbass and doesn't deserve to ever be a head coach again.
4th Quarter against Stanford:

The Wildcats vaunted defense has already given up a touchdown to Stanford who was playing with a backup quarterback and its fourth and fifth string running backs. The Cardinal marched down the field like they were the New England Patriots. When Arizona needed its D to step up, Stanford ran the ball down the D's throat, converting on third and four with a seven yard run.
So the defense, which was Stoops' strength, sucks. Fine, maybe all the seniors are looking forward to the rest of their lives.
Then the offense, ready to make a game winning drive, coughs it up on a fumble on the first play from scrimmage. No surprise there.
Stanford takes over with a 1:35 and the Wildcats having two timeouts.
Arizona has to stop them and hold them to a field goal, and then hope to drive the length of the field.
So what do they do? They give up a nine yard run on first down and a first down on the next play. Now Stanford will take a knee, right?
Wrong. Stanford for inexplicable reasons decides to run the ball. Arizona's only option is to let Stanford score and get the ball back down 28-20. At least the Wildcats will have a chance. So what do they do? They start making tackles. I'm not joking. Stoops wasn't smart enough to just let them score and get the ball back. What was Arizona's other option to win the game? Force a fumble and return it for a touchdown.
The biggest problem is that Stoops never even considered that strategy. He had no clue. He's always out of answers. That's why his favorite statement is I don't know.

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Justin Adler said...

Roman, I hope you read the Daily Star's coverage of the game (no offense to Ritter) which talks about Sonny Dykes, Nicole Stoops and Jason Bondzio crying. That is some rich shit right there. Fuck Stoops.

roman said...

I have read it. That's a lot of crying. If I was somehow involved with a coach that clueless, I'd be crying too.