Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shame on Laker fans

When Kevin Harlan announced to the TNT audience that the fans at Staples Center booed Kobe during player introductions, i felt like calling Harlan a liar. Surely, they wouldn't be booing a guy who helped win three championships, a guy who has been the most entertaining player in the league for at least the past five years, the guy who scored 81 points, the only guy on the team that gives the Lakers a chance to win, and the guy who I think they want to stay in LA.
So you boo him? What is this, tough love?
Kobe did not handle the situation the right away. I agree. Still, the words that are coming out of his mouth are true. Management is to blame for the Lakers woes and Kobe tried to make his voice heard. He was wrong for speaking out. He's still the best player in the NBA and Laker fans will regret the day he dons another team's jersey. For all that he's done for the organization and all the hard work he's put into his game (witness just another 45 point effort last night) he doesn't deserve the treatment he received at the beginning of the game no matter what he says.

AND THEN ALSO: A Hubie Brown conversation

Baller 11 15 21
(12:16:05 AM):
this year is going to be a pivotal year for kobe
romoballa (12:15:49 AM): ya, i agree
romoballa (12:15:58 AM): this next game will be pivotal too against the suns
Baller 11 15 21 (12:16:26 AM): yeah big game
romoballa (12:16:06 AM): cuz we can't fall to 0-2
romoballa (12:16:20 AM): u kno how many teams made the playoffs after starting 0-2
Baller 11 15 21 (12:16:45 AM): i know
Baller 11 15 21 (12:16:48 AM): HUGE
romoballa (12:16:35 AM): ya, TREMENDOUSLY HUGE
Baller 11 15 21 (12:16:58 AM): caue its not like they have 80 more fucking games
romoballa (12:16:49 AM): and also kobe needs to make his free throws
romoballa (12:17:03 AM): plus we gotta defend game winning 3s better
romoballa (12:17:15 AM): and then also play with a sense of urgency and limit mistakes
romoballa (12:17:27 AM): and execute
Baller 11 15 21 (12:18:15 AM): the problem with the team right now is we dont have an identity
romoballa (12:18:36 AM): it's cuz we're not gelling right now
Baller 11 15 21 (12:19:27 AM): i liked how we limited our white player minutes today though...that was huge

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