Monday, October 29, 2007

News and Notes from the Weekend in Sports

You know what's more improbable than ASU being undefeated heading into today's showdown with Cal? Starting safety Troy Nolan (yeah that Troy Nolan who played at El Camino Real High School) being a key contributor.
Nolan who went to College of the Canyons after high school, leads the team with five interceptions. He's also one of the featured guys in this Ivan Maisel article about ASU on

I hope owners collude and don't offer A-Rod any more than $5 million a year. As Mike Greenberg said on Mike and Mike in the Morning, A-Rod's attempt to overshadow the World Series was Bush League. Maybe it was Scott Boras' idea but Boras represents A-Rod, who can speak up for himself. Wouldn't you love to see this ploy backfire on A-Rod and instead of the $30 million a year he's seeking for himself in order to destroy yet another team (see Rangers, Yankees) he gets shut out of big money and is forced to hold out. I can dream, right?

And the Wildcats have done it:
Arizona football won a game. Newsflash: They still suck. The Wildcats beat a team who has yet to win a conference game. It seems Mike Stoops' teams dig themselves a huge hole to start the season then slowly dig their way out to mediocrity, thus saving his job. I don't see that happening this year.
Note to the fine writers at the Daily Wildcat, many of whom I enjoy reading. Stop talking postseason. If this team makes it to the postseason, I will stop consuming alcoholic beverages and give up on fantasy sports. They have to beat UCLA, Oregon, and ASU to finish at .500. ASU and Oregon have lost a total of one game. Hell is not freezing over.
On the bright side, Willie Tuitama threw for 510 yards in a 48-41 comeback win.
Maybe, he's working to be the next Timmy Chang.

Must see: Skit clowning on Soulja Boy

And finally: Arizona women's team lost to it's male practice squad 73-41. Hopefully Joanie B stops calling the Wildcat about coverage and starts worrying about how to win a game. The Wildcats are 19-43 the last two years.

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