Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crank that pee

Baylor assistant coach pees on the bar after his team's 58-10 loss.
Not surprisingly he played his college football at the U. It's not clear if he did the soldier boy dance after relieving himself.

Top 10 Shaq quotes
My favorite The Pythagorean Theorem quote is not on there.

Video of someone feeding Arvydas Sabonis chips.
The Oklahoman reporter hasn't called him soft yet but Sabonis already responded "I'm a man, I'm 40, come after me."
He also has a pretty sick stache in the video.

And finally

This sums up my happiness about the Diamondbacks getting swept

bannedfrm711: yo dbacks fans can't blame this shit on donaghy haha

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Evan said...

I would like to congratulate darren on becoming on step closer to getting a world series ring! Way to go DARREN!