Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I heard that

Where have I seen this before?

ESPN's headline after one of the best Monday Night Football games in recent memory hit close to home: MNF Folk Hero.

We gave Folk, an Arizona grad and Woodland Hills, CA native that nickname after he hit a game winner in the 2006 home opener against BYU. Justifiably he was named Athlete of the Week.

Smaller and faster huh?

Apparently, it's a theme in Arizona to go smaller and faster every year. After Lute Olson and the Arizona Wildcats promised to speed things up the last few years with poor results, Mike D'Antoni thought it was time to promise the same thing.

In 2005, the Wildcats wanted to push the tempo to the max.
They pushed to a disappointing season and a second round loss.
In 2006, they were running to Atlanta.
They ran into 11 losses and a first round tournament exit.

Will the Suns run their way into an even quicker playoff exit this year? D'Antoni and company might want to not confer with Olson.

What's wrong with his hat?

Lebron James was heavily criticized for wearing a Yankees hat to a Cleveland Indians home game. Granted King James appears to be a front runner, rooting for the Yanks, Cowboys, and Chicago Bulls, but credit the kid for sticking to his guns. Whether you root for a perennial winner or a perennial loser, you root for the same team. It's about loyalty. Don't expect Lebron to wear Indians gear because he has to appease the local fans. It wouldn't be loyal to support a team you've never cared about in the past.

April Fools come early
: LA Times headline says "Thomas ready to step in for Brand."

More Clipper woes: 5'10, 170 pound point guard Brevin Knight, acquired by the Clippers in the offseason is out of shape according to Clipper coach Mike Dunleavy.

Stat of a great college football Sat: LSU 5-for-5 on fourth downs, even when most coaches would have kicked, Les Miles took big risks, showed confidence in his team and his moves proved to be genius.

Stat of a crazy baseball weekend: Four strikeouts looking for Ryan Howard in the three game series. Three of those Ks, were 9th inning Ks looking.

Sack Stoops:

Arizona QB Willie Tuitama was sacked eight times in another embarrassing loss to Oregon State. Through five games previously, he was sacked only seven times.

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