Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Nervous Time Part II

I couldn't have put this situation any better than the IM I got from Hoosh today.

hooshies: yo
hooshies: wtf
hooshies: i stressed all summer, then it was all good
hooshies: and now they start again

I'd say the most nerve racking aspect of the situation as Mark Stein describes in detail is the unnerving reaction of the all knowing Phil Jackson who has been relegated to giving no comments.

Told that his no-comments could give the impression that a Bryant trade was imminent, Jackson said, "I can't comment on that. There's nothing imminent. So I can't comment on anything imminent."

Asked finally whether he thinks Bryant has played his last game in purple and gold, Jackson said, "I can't comment on that. I don't know that at all. I mean, who knows that? Do you know it? We just can't comment on that. There's certain things I think that have to be discussed and will be and then we'll move forward from there."

On June 20 as the NBA draft approached, it was nervous time Part 1. Ric Bucher and Stephen A Smith were helping Kobe pack his bags and I noted that "I am officially scared." I didn't realize that there would be a part 2 and now I'm officially even more scared, enough to come up with theories like this:

romoballa: maybe kobe will just throw up 50 a game and lead the lakers to the championship
romoballa: and then say fuck this, i won't rescind my no trade clause
romoballa: ur gonna lose the greatest player ever

(I had myself believing to this point until Hoosh countered with the following)

hooshies: haha
hooshies: ya, lakers win it all with farmar and fisher as our PGs

Don't forget our frontline of Chris Mihm, Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown.

Reports have Kobe going to Dallas, though Mark Cuban said he hasn't spoken with Mitch Kupchak. This has no relevance to any deals being done, because Kupchak hasn't woken up from his five year nap also known as his tenure as Lakers GM. But for those actually involved in negotiations, here's some deals they are likely considering (Thanks to the NBA Trade Machine).

Kobe for Dirk

A desperation move for the Lakers because Kobe's value is much higher than Dirk's, but the move would also leave the Mavs with no scoring inside and a large amount of scoring guards.

Josh Howard Jason Terry and DaSagna Diop for Kobe

The Mavs would have a 1-2 punch of Kobe and Dirk to go along with Devin Harris, Erick Dampier, and Jerry Stackhouse. The Lakers would have a good young player in Josh Howard, a veteran gunner in Jason Terry and the expiring contract of Diop. Terry has four years left on his deal so that isn't very enticing.

The Lakers lineup would like this:
PG: Fisher/Terry
SG: Josh Howard
SF: Lamar Odom
PF: Ronny Turiaf
C: Andrew Bynum/Diop

The other big problem here aside from the fact the Lakers would probably finish last in the West with that lineup, is the Lakers depth at guard. Terry and Howard would take away any playing time from Farmar/Vujacic/Crittenton, making the Lakers past two draft completely moronic.

Kobe and Kwame Brown for Dirk and Jason Terry

Keep dreaming if you think the Lakers will get Dirk and Josh Howard. But this trade might make the most sense because teaming Kobe with Josh Howard, Devin Harris, and Jerry Stackhouse can give defenses a headache. What if they went small like the Warriors did to them in the first round last year except the Mavs now had better slashers. They also take on the expiring contract of Kwame Brown and can bring in a big money free agent to team with Kobe and Howard next year. They would have about $10 million to spend on a big guy in what John Hollinger calls maybe the best free agent class ever.
Jermaine O'Neal and Elton Brand are just two candidates.

The Lakers meanwhile would the following lineup:
PG: Fisher
SG: Terry
SF: Odom
PF: Dirk
C: Mihm/Bynum

That's actually pretty solid. A trade that works for both teams. We'll miss you Kobe.

And just when you thought Travis Henry couldn't be topped:

This man has 67 kids and wants to get married for the 9th time.

"Every night I decide which wife to be with," Abu Arrar told the newspaper.

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